Pricing Changes Effective December 1, 2020

Over the last several months we’ve had conversations with many of you about the impacts of COVID-19 on your businesses and the ways you’ve been forced to respond and adapt. We know your coworking communities have experienced significant disruption and that you're working incredibly hard to continue providing a safe and productive workplace for your members.

Our priority during this time has been to remain a valuable, reliable platform that supports you and your members. We hope that through the consistent improvements to our platform and our commitment to service we've continued to earn your trust and meet the high standard for what it takes to help manage your business, especially during a pandemic.

At Proximity, our business also has to adapt. Below we've outlined changes that will take effect December 1, 2020 including a price increase for some of our customers. Starting in December, Proximity will move to a new pricing model based on the number of active members at each coworking space.

Active member pricing provides the most accurate representation of onboarding and support time, as well as platform requirements necessary to meet the needs of coworking spaces of all sizes. It also allows us to continue improving our platform while keeping our prices highly competitive. We've released 136 new features in the last year, all of which are free of charge to our customers.

We know that every service you pay for has an impact on your bottom line. We've worked hard to come up with a pricing model that’s as affordable as possible while ensuring the success and availability of the Proximity platform for the long term. Changes effective December 1 are outlined below:

Software Platform Pricing

Up to 40 active members
$99/month USD

Up to 85 active members
$129/month USD

Up to 150 active members
$199/month USD

Up to 250 active members
$259/month USD

Current customers with more than 250 active members
$259/month USD

International pricing details are available here.

For Proximity customers who currently have door access with Proximity Open, your platform pricing will continue to include door access at no additional monthly charge. After December 1, new Proximity Open users will have a monthly charge of $49/month USD for door access features.

Pricing for customer support packages remains the same but will no longer be considered a combined price with the Proximity platform. Extended Support is $69/month and Premium Support is $199/month (all USD). Basic Support via Intercom will continue to be available at no additional cost.

How Active Members Are Defined

In the Proximity platform, active members are defined as:

  • A member with a recurring membership that is non-default (non-community member)

  • Any person assigned Proximity keys to your coworking space, including free community members

  • A person who has a recurring punch pass or redeems a punch in a given month

  • A person with any paid add-on services

  • Each individual member who belongs to a shared membership with the exception of a billing-only member

Here's who is not considered an active member:

  • Community members who have no paid add-on services and no directly-assigned keys

  • Guests using drop-in day passes

  • Non-member guests who book reservable resources such as conference rooms

  • Non-member meeting or event registrants

When Active Members Are Counted and Billed
Proximity bills customers on the first of each month. Active members will be totaled on that day, and active members are counted throughout the month prior to billing. For example, all active members and new members who join in January are not billed as part of your active member count until February 1. The active member total will also include users who redeemed a punch pass during the month prior to billing. View your active member number at the top of the dashboard on your Proximity site.
Note: Changes made to a member's account will not be reflected in your active member list in the same day or month.

Request a Review of Active Members
We've added a new feature so you can request a review of an active member on your active list that you believe shouldn’t be considered active. You can find this by mousing over the ••• to the right of the member’s name on the active list and selecting Request Review. Once this review is completed by our staff, the member will stay active or become non-active until you make a change to their Membership. Please note that reviews take up to three business days. Plan enough time to request a review before the first of the month as we won't issue retroactive refunds on platform fees for members that are incorrectly billed as active.

Billing-Only Members for Shared Memberships
You can now create a parent member on a shared membership as a “billing only” member. This will count the child memberships under the parent membership as active, but the parent member will not be included in your active member count. For example, you may have contacts who are responsible for managing and paying for other memberships, but aren't actually members themselves. These contacts won't be counted as active members if you convert them to billing-only members.

You can find this feature by navigating to the Shared Memberships tab of a parent member’s account and selecting the Convert to Billing-only button in grey at the bottom of the page. You cannot change a billing-only member back to active for four weeks and they will not have any privileges at your space, such as the ability to book reservable resources or unlock doors.

Multiple Locations Connected with Proximity Brand
Members with access to multiple locations via the Proximity multi-space Brand dashboard will only be considered an active member at their primary location. If a member has separate memberships at separate locations, he or she is considered an active member at each location. If your coworking space has secondary memberships that are not set up through the Brand dashboard beta feature, you’ll want to configure Brand to avoid counting extra active members. Please contact our support team for help setting this up.

Updates and New Features

  • You can now easily view the number of active members at your coworking space from the dashboard of your Proximity site.
  • We’re releasing two new features prior to December 1 to help with revenue, sign-up fees and deposits. Sign-up fees are non-refundable fees to cover expenses related to a member’s registration, while deposits may be refundable when a member leaves depending on your terms of service. The deposit feature will also help you track payments so you know where your finances stand and who may require a check upon moving out.
  • Coming soon, you'll also have access to new accounting reports such as accounts receivable aging, revenue and deposit reconciliation and revenue by sub-account. To reduce manual burden and increase compatibility with systems like Quickbooks and Xero, Proximity transactions can be exported as complete journal entries. This will help you understand the flow of money from the time each transaction occurs to the time you receive a bank deposit.
  • Effective December 1, there will no longer be a charge for offline payments.

We're Here to Support You

Our team cares about helping you through this transition. If you have questions about active members, billing, Proximity Brand or any other concerns about how to best configure your platform, please reach out. We're available on Intercom to discuss your questions and we'll work with you to provide any clarity you need on how pricing changes impact your coworking spaces.

Thank you for choosing Proximity. We're grateful for the opportunity to work with you.