Setting a Wifi Option for Reservable Resources

This document applies to: Coworking & Workplace

You have the option of choosing how to manage the internet integration for a given resource. There are three options here: None, Static, and Manage with Radius/Meraki. To choose which network setting you'd like, navigate to the resource you'd like to change and look to the bottom of the page. Here, there will be a dropdown menu with two or three options, depending on which integration you use. 

The first option is None. This means that there will be no WiFi available with reservations on the resource. 

The second option is Static. This allows you to set a Static SSID which gives you the ability to display an unchanging WiFi network and password on Room View and in emails to members that make a reservation, even if you do not have Meraki or Radius integration. 

Depending on which internet integration you use, the third option will be either Manage with Meraki or Manage with Radius. If you have Meraki, selecting this option will then also allow you to select a Meraki SSID Slot for the resource. If you have Radius, selecting this option will create temporary credentials for the member which are emailed to the owner of the reservation, displayed in the web app to the manager and on the interior Room View app.