What is the yellow triangle next to my member's name?

This document applies to: Coworking & Workplace

Have you seen this small caution triangle next to a member's name in your Member List?

This just means that your member hasn't agreed to your space's Legal Agreements (Terms of Service and/or Cancellation Policy). This triangle will be visible when a Member first signs up for membership, when you choose to "Add Member" on the back end, or if you update your Legal Agreements.

When the triangle is present, the member will not have access to their digital keys or the ability to make reservations until they have successfully accepted the current or updated Legal Agreements. The member will need to log in to their account on a web browser or mobile web browser, or open the Proximity Mobile App, and they'll be prompted to read and accept the terms before moving forward.

You may view their Legal Agreement history from the Agreements tab in their profile, as well as Download a PDF for their records: