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  • Upload Documents to Member Accounts

    Uploading documents such as lease agreements, parking addendums, etc. is super simple. Members are not able to view the documents you upload to their profile.  Navigate to Manage Members > Member List > Select your member's account. From here, navigate to the  Documents tab. Documents can be uploaded in the following formats: gif, jpeg, png, webp, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx To view a document, select  Download . To remove a document, select Remove .

  • Manager Approval for Memberships and Punch Passes

    You can now require manager approval for all new membership signups and punch pass uses. When managing membership types, check the box labeled "Require manager approval" to have greater control over who can sign up for and use your space.  Enable Manager Approval on Memberships Navigate to Manage Memberships page from Manage Members > Memberships Click on an existing membership to edit Under Additional Options , check the box labeled "Requires manager approval" Click Save…

  • Member Referral Links

    Referral links are a great way to promote your space to a wider audience. It's up to you to manually choose how you would like to reward members who refer a new member! How to Enable Referral Links To enable referral links, navigate to Settings > General and check the box "Enable Referral Links". Remember to click Save after! Referral Codes for Members Members can find their referral code by clicking on their profile picture…