Add and Manage Workspaces

This document applies to: Workplace

Workspaces are what your users can reserve in your space. This might be a desk, group table, office, suite, or even a reservable space like a conference room or phone booth. From here, you'll be able to add amenities that can be included with the cost of the reservation or for an additional cost. You will be able to set the availability and price by the hour, day, or month.

Add a Workspace

Navigate to Manage Resources > Workspaces > Add Workspace.

Description & Location

  1. Name
  2. Workspace Category: What will this space be used for?
  3. Description: This text will show under the workspace on your Reserve Workspace page where users can reserve the workspace.
  4. Display As: Do you want the workspace to display as a room or a desk/table?
  5. How many people can this resource seat?
    • Choose the amount of people
    • Grouped: The workspace will be reserved as one unit under the user who makes the reservation.
    • Individual: The amount of seats you choose will be the amount of individuals that are able to reserve their own seat at this workspace.
  6. Building: If you have multiple buildings, select the building in which the resource resides.
  7. Workspace Area: Enter how big the workspace is and the unit of measurement.


  • Ideal image size: 1000px x 500px.
  • If you select multiple photos, users will see these photos as a photo gallery when they reserve the workspace.


  • Select amenities included with the workspace.
  • If you're missing an amenity, select "Let us know" to request a new amenity.

Availability (Pricing)

  1. Select a user group from the drop-down menu to set the availability and price for that user group. 
  2. Set the price for that user group by the hour, day, and month (whatever is applicable to that workspace.)
  3. Repeat these steps for every user group for which this workspace is available.


Free time allows you to give your users access to additional workspaces for free when they have an assignment on a workspace. For example, if a user has a full-time assignment in a private office, you can add a set amount of free time to another workspace like a huddle room, phone booth, or maker space. To enable free time: 

  1. Click on Add Workspace, or edit an existing workspace.
  2. Select the Availability tab.
  3. Under each user group that has full-time access, toggle Allow full-time to ON. When at least one user group has full-time access, you will see the Free Time tab appear.
  4. Select the Free Time tab.
  5. Click on Add Group.
  6. Enter the minutes of free time and the resources that can be used with that free time. Resources can be any workspace that you have set up on the Workspaces page. The free time is then pooled and can be shared amongst those resources.
  7. When a user has a full-time assignment on that workspace, they will have access to the allotted free time.
    1. For example, if a user has an assignment on Dedicated Desk, and that workspace has 720 minutes of free time to be shared with a 3D Printer and a Meeting Space, the user will get 720 minutes per month of free time to split amongst those resources. 
  8. You can create multiple groups of free time allotments by clicking on Add Group. Groups of free time can be removed by clicking on Remove Allotment. Please note that a "group" in this context refers to a pool of resources that share an allotment of free time, not user groups. Learn more about setting up user groups here. 


  • Add any keys that users of this workspace need access to.
  • Users will get access to the keys 15 mins before their reservation, through their reservation, and 15 minutes after. If a user has full-time access through an assignment, they will have 24/7 key access.
  • Keys can also be directly assigned to a user by going to Manage Users > User List > select user > Keys tab



  1. Show for reservations on this site: Turn this on if you want this workspace to be visible for reservations.


  • Choose any applicable taxes.
  • You can create these under Settings > Taxes.


  1. Abandoned Reservation Protection: Turn this on ONLY if you use Room View and want reservations to be cancelled after 15 minutes if nobody has checked in.
    • This does not count for full-time assignments.
  2. Require Approval: If this is turned on, reservations will require manager approval before the user can access the workspace.
  3. Earliest Reservation Start: What is the earliest time users can reserve this workspace?
  4. Latest Reservation Start: What is the latest users can reserve this workspace?
  5. Minimum Reservation Length: What is the minimum duration of time in which users can reserve this workspace?
  6. Maximum Reservation Length: What is the maximum duration of time in which users can reserve this workspace?
  7. Maximum Days Out: How far in advance can users reserve this workspace?
  8. Reservation Time Increments: In what increments can users reserve this workspace? (i.e. 30 minutes for every half hour.)

Cisco Meraki

  • If you use the Meraki Integration, you can choose a SSID to assign to this workspace.
    • This will spin up a new network/password with every reservation so that users and their guests can use the Wifi.
    • The network/password will be emailed to the member(s) 15 minutes before the reservation starts.

Select Save once you've entered all of the information for the workspace.

Edit a Workspace

Hover over the three dots next to the workspace and select Edit Workspace.

Delete a Workspace

Hover over the three dots next to the workspace and select Delete.