How Active Members are Defined

In the Proximity platform, active members are defined as:

  • A member with a recurring membership that is non-default (non-community member)

  • Any person assigned Proximity keys to your coworking space, including free community members

  • A person who has a recurring punch pass or redeems a punch in a given month

  • A person with any paid add-on services

  • Each individual member who belongs to a shared membership

Here's who is not considered an active member:

  • Community members who have no paid add-on services

  • Guests using drop-in day passes

  • Non-member guests who book reservable resources such as conference rooms

  • Non-member meeting or event attendees

When Active Members Are Counted and Billed
Proximity bills customers on the first of each month. Active members will be totaled on that day, and active members are counted throughout the month prior to billing. For example, all active members and new members who join in January are not billed as part of your active member count until February. The active member total will also include users who redeemed a punch pass during the month prior to billing. View your active member number at the top of the dashboard on your Proximity site.

Multiple Locations Connected with Proximity Brand
Members with access to multiple locations via the Proximity multi-space Brand dashboard will only be considered an active member at their primary location. If a member has separate memberships at separate locations, he or she is considered an active member at each location. If your coworking space has secondary memberships that are not set up through the Brand dashboard beta feature, you’ll want to configure Brand to avoid counting extra active members. Please contact our support team for help setting this up.