Internet Access Integrations

Proximity offers two types of integrations for granting and restricting internet access to your members and their devices. Both integrations offer similar features but handled in slightly different ways. While the integrations are simple and easy to configure we require you have an IT professional that understands network infrastructure and can help you to configure the network in your space.

Direct integration with Cisco Meraki Access Points

Proximity is able to directly integrate with Meraki Access points. This integration leverages a "Captive Portal" which will require a member to log in with a valid membership at your space before being granted internet access. Once the member successfully completes this step the Proximity Platform will provision their device using the specified "Group Policy". Group policies can be used to assign different access parameters to different Memberships in your space. When a membership is canceled or expires internet access for all devices linked to that member will be revoked.

Additional features related to the resources, conference rooms for example, in your space can be enabled with this integration. Temporary networks will be created when a resource is reserved allowing guests internet access without having to become members of the space. These temporary networks and passkeys will be displayed on the Room View app when enabled.

Space mangers will be able to create and destroy additional WiFi networks in your space directly from the Proximity Platform.

An estimated "Last Seen" will be enabled allowing you to have an idea the last time a member was seen in your space.

Steps to enable and configure this integration:

  1. Proximityrequires you have an IT professional help you order your Meraki hardware, licenses, installation and initial configuration of your network.
    • Proximity is an authorized reseller of Meraki hardware. We don't require you purchase through us but it is an option.
    • We do provide guidelines for purchasing hardware. Keep in mind your onsite IT professional will have a better idea of which hardware to purchase.
  2. Once your network hardware is installed please visit this page to configure your integration.

RADIUS integration with your existing hardware BETA

Have existing hardware that you don't want to replace? Proximity offers a solution, currently in beta, that will integrate with most existing commercial or enterprise grade hardware. RADIUS is a proven technology that will add enterprise level encryption and allow your members to connect to your network with the same credentials used to log into their Proximity account using 802.1X authentication. Additional parameters can be set to provision devices to specific VLANs or apply additional firewall rules.

Temporary credentials will be created allowing guests on the network during resource reservations. These temporary credentials will be displayed on the Room View app when enabled.

For traveling users, the use of the SSID "Proximity Network" is recommended on your WPA2 Enterprise network. This clearly sets expectations that users will be using Proximity credentials for authentication to this network.

Our radius servers issue basic Access-Accept and Reject based on the membership status of the user for your space.

Up and coming features:

  1. Configuration of VLAN assignments via Radius Attributes is available per Membership, however a UI does not exist for this configuration at this time. Support is limited to special use cases where testing is in place.
  2. MAC Based authentication for IoT networks where WPA2-Enterprise network configurations is a challenge, or where switch port authentication via MACAddress is preferred.

Note: Proximity currently doesn't offer an efficient way to on-board new members with the RADIUS integration. Until we figure that out we suggest a "Guest" type network with a rotating PSK password for on-boarding new members.

Steps to enable and configure this integration:

  1. Proximity requires you have an IT professional with access to your existing access points or router.
  2. Your space must have a static public IP address for RADIUS integration.
  3. Contact Proximity via the support chat app located in the lower right corner of your browser window while logged into the Proximity Platform.
    • Request access to the RADIUS beta program
    • Provide contact information for your IT professional.
  4. Once Proximity determines that you are a candidate for our beta program we will issue you a "Secret" to use in your configuration.
    • Visit this article for a configuration example.
    • No UI is currently available and support is limited to special use cases where testing is in place.