Issuing Refunds/Credits

To issue a refund or credit, navigate to the member's invoice by navigating to the member page from the dashboard to Manage Members > Member List > edit the member. Click on the billing tab and then click on the three dots next to the invoice and select Manage Invoice. From there click on the three dots next to the charge and select Credit/Refund

Now you can issue a credit to your members in addition to a refund. This is a great way to make sure revenue stays in your space. It's also helpful for those times when a wrong date or time was booked and a member needs to turn around and correct the date, making the exact same charge again. (This happens a lot!)

The member's credit will be used on any subsequent charges and will supersede the payment source on file until it is used up. When issuing a refund or credit, you'll notice that now there is a refund reason field required for you to fill in.

When a credit is issued to a member, the space keeps the money and then it’s applied to the member’s next purchase. Nothing goes through stripe.

The refund method automatically defaults to issuing a credit; however, you will still have the option to issue a refund instead of a credit. In this situation, you'll be billed the processing fees to issue the refund (the same rates you pay for credit cards or ACH transactions) and these charges will accumulate and be charged along with your software fee at the beginning of the month.

You may want to consider updating or adding a refund policy in your Terms of Service which you can find by navigating from your dashboard to Settings > General. **Remember, when you update your Terms of Service, your members will be prompted to accept them upon their next login.**

Removing credits

To remove a credit that was given to a member you can go to a member's account, then select the Billing tab. > Select the Adjust Credit Balance button. > Enter in a negative number to remove the credit. > Remove Credit

Undo Credits

Did you accidentally issue a credit to a member that wanted a refund back onto their card? You can fix that!

Go to the member's account > Select the Billing tab > Select Manage on the invoice you want to fix > Select Undo next to the Account Credit line > Write the reason for the undoing > Undo

How long will it take for a refund to be credited to my member's bank account or credit card?
Refunds will take 5-10 business days. More info about how Payment Processing works.

AB 5/22/20