User Invoices

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What's included in this report is:

  • KPI's (key performance indicators):
    • Revenue by type graph (You can find that more in detail in the Revenue report.)
    • Revenue comparison of current and last month (line graph)
    • Net $ / Expenses graph
    • Total transactions (amount)
    • Comparison to the previous month (percentage - up or down)
    • Estimated total at the end of the month (amount)

  • Member Invoices
    • Click Download as .CSV to export invoice data.
    • Use the search box to search or filter.
    • Summary of all Invoices in a searchable table
      • ID: Unique ID for that Invoice
      • Date: Invoice Date
      • Name: Member Name
      • Description: Brief summary of invoice
      • Total Charges: Sum of charges due from member
      • Total Due: Amount awaiting payment
      • Total Refunds: Sum of refunds provided to member
      • Status: Open or closed 
    • Click Download to display a PDF of individual invoices.
    • More info on managing invoices.

ER 3.9.21