Configure Doors

Define your door parameters such as access type and geofencing.

  1. Create a Name for your door. The name will be what your members see on their keys and should reflect the door's location, or room name.
  2. Channel Assignment can generally be left as they are. Channels will be listed as numbers 0-3. If you have only two doors, you will use channels 0 and 1. If you are going to use a key pad, it must be connected with a door on Channel 0.
  3. Access Type should be typically left on Grant Access with Set Duration.
  4. Enter the Length of Time Door Remains Unlocked on Access. This is typically set for 10 seconds.
  5. Set a geo-fence in which members can access the door. Setting the distance to 100-200 feet will allow them to unlock the door as they are walking up to the building. Please note that Managers and Owners will be able to access the door outside of the geo-fence (from home, out of state, etc) in the event that someone needs to be let into the building.
  6. To set the latitude and longitude, go to your Settings > General and copy/paste the latitude and longitude for your space. For an accurate latitude and longitude, go to Google maps and drop a pin to find each door’s exact location. More information on finding latitude and longitude.
  7. Door sensors may be set up to trigger an SMS message to Owners and Managers when the door appears to have been left propped open. 
  8. Toggle Open/Close Sensor.
  9. Select Send SMS message to Owner and Manager if this door appears to be propped open. The SMS message will read like this: “Heads up! (Name of Door) at (Name of Space) seems to have been propped open 15 minutes ago when it should be locked.” Once closed, it will be followed up by a message that reads: “FYI, (Name of Door) appears to have been closed at (00:00 am/pm)”.
  10. Set the Duration before Alarm State, which is the length of time the door will be propped open before seeing the SMS messages.
  11. Lastly, Pick a Style! Select which color button you would like associated with the door which you are editing.
  12. Make sure to hit the Update button at the bottom of the page to save the settings.