This document applies to: Coworking & Workplace

The Dashboard is designed so you can quickly see important information for your space.

  • Gross Revenue: Shows your revenue before any deductions. 
    • If you'd like to see the adjusted gross income, you can follow the link to your Revenue report and download as a CSV.
  • Total Members: The total amount of members in your space, including members with the default membership type.
  • Active Members: See how active members are defined. Active members are used for billing purposes.
  • Check-ins: See members who have checked in to your space.
  • Door Widgets: Get an overview of your doors. You can see their locked/open/closed status and manually lock or unlock any of them for 15-minute increments.
    • When you make changes to your door schedule using the door widgets, this will show as the system making changes in your door logs.
    • To resume your normal schedule, select the red (X).
  • Invoices: Sort and manage using the filters for the invoice. To see invoices from a different time period, select "View All Invoice.
  • Door Logs: View to see when your members have used their digital keys to access specific doors and when.

Hide Doors from your Dashboard

To hide a door from the dashboard, select the small button in the right corner of the door widget. 

To view hidden doors, navigate to Manage Doors > Status