Rent Roll Report (Proximity for Workplace)

APPLIES TO: Workplace

This report contains assignments that were active during the time period that is selected. It is helpful for understanding what workspaces are booked full-time during any given period. This report is only available to spaces using our workplace management software.

Using the Rent Roll Report

Navigate to Reports > Rent Roll.

  • Select the time period to run the report.
  • The report can be downloaded as a CSV using the button in the top right.
  • You can also adjust how many listings are displayed on a page. 

Please Note

  • You will see a listing for each workspace, and each seat on a workspace. You will only see listings for individual seats when that workspace has capacity set to multiple seats, and allows individual booking of seats. Learn more about editing workspace capacity.
  • The rent listed on the report is the monthly full-time amount. If the user's assignment does not span the full month (you will see a Yes under the Partial Month column), you may not receive that full amount for the selected period. For understanding revenue from assignments, use the Revenue Report by visiting Reports > Revenue