Creating and Managing Memberships

This document applies to: Coworking

Memberships are the way you set up levels such as: Dedicated Desk, 24/7 Access, Hot Desk, or Punch Passes. Door Access and Reservable Resource free time are associated with Memberships so keep that in mind when setting up your different types. 

Create Memberships

From the dashboard, navigate to Manage Members > Memberships Groups. Click the New Membership/User Group button. 


  1. Name 
  2. Membership Category: This will be used in your revenue reports
  3. Description
  4. Marketing Text:  This shows up in the colored bar below the description of the Membership on your homepage and is used to call out something eye-catching like “unlimited free coffee” or “only three desks left!”
  5. Recurring, Single-use, or Punch Pass:
    • Recurring (For example this could be a monthly membership like a dedicated desk or hot desk and would automatically bill the member on a monthly basis.)
      1. Billing Period: How often the recurring membership will be billed
      2. Term Length (beta): If this is turned on for your space you can add a time that the member will be locked in to a contract where they will not be able to cancel or downgrade their membership
    • Single-Use (Day / Week Pass)
      1. Membership length: Choose the duration of the membership in days or months.
    • Punch Passes:  Usually punch passes are created to give a bulk discount on day passes. You can also use punch passes to limit the amount of days that a member can use your space in a certain amount of time (i.e. 10 day passes in one month.) You have the option to choose a minimum number of punches that must be purchased to qualify for your bulk rate and you can add an expiration date as well.
      • Punch Duration: How you want the duration of the punch to last (typically 1 day)
      • Punch Options: Minimum/maximum number of punches needed to purchase, price per punch, expiration date
      • Auto Refill Monthly: To set up a recurring punch pass membership 
        • Optional or Required
        • Top-off: Members will purchase up to the amount of punches they originally purchased (i.e. if a member originally purchased 10 punches, and used 4 in one month, they would purchase 4 at their next renewal date.)
        • Re-buy: Members will purchase the same amount of punches each month. This can exceed the maximum amount of punches set.
      • Follow the link for more on creating and managing punch passes.
      • Follow the link for more on creating and managing punch pass subscriptions.
        Please Note: When a member purchases a punch pass membership they can choose whether or not they want to use their first punch on that day or save it for a later date.
  6. Limit Inventory?: How many memberships are available
    • It will show as sold out or close to sold out on your "See Memberships" page
    • Managers/owners can override this function.


  1. Taxes: Choose any applicable state/county/etc taxes
  2. Collect Deposit at Sign-up: Check to collect a refundable deposit when the member signs up for the membership
    • Deposits must be returned by cash or check and cannot be refunded through Proximity.
    • A processing fee will be charged to collect the deposit unless offline payments is enabled for the member.
  3. Collect a Fee at Sign-up: Check the box to collect a non-refundable sign-up fee.
    • A processing fee will be charged to collect the deposit unless offline payments is enabled for the member.

Proximity Protect

  • Require members to provide proof of business insurance?: Check this box to require members to provide proof of insurance for the membership.

Additional Options

  1. Visible?: Choose if you want the membership to be visible to the public. You can always send direct join links to memberships once they're created.
  2. Internet Access: Check if you want to provide internet access for this Membership (this only applies to spaces using WiFi integrations).
  3. Includes Guest Pass: Check to allow this membership to participate in Proximity Guest Pass. (This is a free benefit to your members.) For more information, please see the Guest Pass Rules article.

Important Next Steps

When you are finished creating your Membership these next steps will ensure that members with this new membership will have proper access and benefits for your space.

  1. Set door access.
  2. Set membership parameters for reservable resources (such as price, times, etc.)
  3. Set reservable resource free-time.