What is Proximity Open?


Proximity Open is the proprietary hardware integration we use to allow access to your doors. With the Proximity Open integration, you can set schedules for your doors to remain open/closed, set schedules for your memberships in which your members can access their keys during those times, set exceptions to your schedules for events or holidays, allow members to access keys for reservations, remotely access your space as an admin, and more.

In order to use Proximity Open, you would need to install a Proximity Open door controller to a compatible lock. These locks can be found at most any hardware stores. We recommend getting a quote from a local locksmith or electrician for the installation of the hardware.

  • The Proximity Open integration is $49/month for the software + the one-time cost of the controller (TBD)
  • Proximity Open must be used with the Proximity software.
  • The door controller must be supplied by power and internet (hard-wired.)
  • The most secure form of entry using Proximity Open will be through the cloud-based key app.
  • You can also attach a compatible RFID Reader/Keypad to the Proximity Open controller and allow access by either option.

Ordering the Door Controller

To order the door controller, navigate to the Order tab in your dashboard. 

Use these documents to fully set up your integration: