How to Edit Members

Review and edit membership details, add notes, create custom charges, or give administrative access to members. 

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  • From the dashboard, navigate to Manage Members > Member List
  • Use the search and filter tools to find a member. 
  • Click on their name or click Edit to view the member’s information. 

View Profile

  • View the member's public profile from here.

Edit Profile

  • Navigate to View Profile > Edit Profile.
  • You can edit your member's profile. Change things such as:
    • Email
    • Password
    • Birthday
    • Phone number
  • Space Operators cannot choose to make member information viewable to the public.

Membership tab

  • Membership: View or change the member's membership here. You can see when the membership will next renew or make changes as needed
    • Please Note: If a space operator makes a change to a member's membership, they will not be charged automatically (until their next renewal date.) 
    • You'll need to charge them by creating a custom charge or setting their renewal date to bill at the appropriate time. If you'd like to bill them for the membership today, set the billing date to yesterday and the system will charge them at the top of the hour. 
      • If a member makes a change to their own membership, they will be charged right away for the cost of the new membership. If they are switching memberships, the system will not take into account the amount previously paid for the old membership when charging for the new one. 
  • Discounts: Choose an applicable discount for membership.
  • Status: What is Paused, Pending Paused, Pending Cancellation, & Delinquent?
    • Paused will pause a membership right away. (more info about pausing here
    • Pending pause will pause them upon their next renewal date. 
    • Pending cancellation will cancel them on their next renewal date. 
    • Delinquent means an automatic payment has failed and the system will attempt to bill the member again. The system attempts to bill a member 4x before the member is automatically downgraded to Community Member, at which point their status will be "active." 
      • Please Note: You can not set a member to delinquent status. This is something that is done by the system.
  • Punch Pass Subscription: If you have a Membership that is a punch subscription, you can add it to the member's account here. A member cannot have two monthly memberships. If you add a punch subscription to a member's account that already has a monthly membership, when they use a punch their current membership will be canceled.  
  • Add-ons: Apply add-ons to your member after they’ve registered. Use add-ons for recurring or one-time charges.
    • Members can only apply add-ons themselves at the time of Membership sign-up. Managers and Owners can always apply add-ons.
    • Add-ons can be prorated, or the full amount can be charged at the next billing cycle.
  • Allow Member to Pay Offline: When this box is checked, you will have the ability to apply cash or check payments to any invoice. 
    • Once enabled, you will not be able to accept Credit Card or ACH payments for this member’s membership fees. 
    • Reservable resource bookings will still be billed to their on-file payment source and you can still bill immediately to this payment source for Custom Charges. 
    • This setting converts your offline member from auto-billing to auto-invoicing. The members will be invoiced for their membership on their regular billing schedule and you will need to manually mark their invoices as paid.
  • Space Manager, Space Owner: Only Owners can create Managers and Owners and this setting is only visible for Owners. For more information on what each role can do, check out the Owners and Managers page. 
  • Door access options:  Your member can enter their pin # for pin pad access (if available) or set up key fob access.

Important Info

  • To cancel a membership immediately, change their membership to a default Community Member. The member will lose all membership privileges immediately.
  • If a space operator makes a change to a member's membership, they will not be automatically charged (until their next renewal date.)
  • If a member's status is delinquent, the system will attempt to automatically bill that member again. Here's more on how billing works for members.

Shared Memberships tab

  • If the member's Membership allows for shared members, you can use this tab to add additional memberships.
  • More info

Billing tab

  • View the member's invoices and membership cost here. 
  • View the member's default payment source here.
  • Add Credit Card: If you add a credit card on the backend, it will automatically become the member's default payment source.
  • To edit an invoice, mouse over the (•••) and select Manage Invoice. 
  • For more info on creating a refund or credit visit this page
  • How to Create Custom Charges
  • Adjust Credit Balance: Add credits by entering a positive amount. Remove credits by entering a negative amount.
  • View Credit Log: This will only be viewable if the member has been given or used a credit.

Custom Info tab

  • Create any custom field to capture information for your members.  
  • Common examples include lease expiration dates, food allergies, partnerships, suite numbers, billing codes, and organization.

Punches tab

  • You can manually add or update the number of punches for a member here. The member will not be charged for these punches.
  • Click View Logs for the history of the member’s Punch Passes.
  • Add Punches: This is used when you want to give free punches to a member.
    1. Choose the Membership that the punches will be associated with.
    2. Add the number of Punches.
    3. Add the reason for adding punches.
    4. Add an expiration date if desired.
  • Team punches are not displayed here but can be viewed from the team dashboard. 
  • Follow this link for more on how to create and manage punch passes.

Keys tab

  • You can give members access to specific keys outside of their membership. Adding a key to this member will give them 24/7 access to that key until you remove the key, the member is downgraded to a Community Member, or the membership is cancelled. If keys are granted directly to a Community Member, the member will not lose the keys granted until they are removed by a manager.
    • This option only works if the member is using digital keys. This cannot be used for pin access. 
    • If you are using Brivo or Salto, this feature is currently unavailable and keys must be derived from the assigned Membership.
  • Keys included in Membership will show up here. 
  • Follow this link for more on how to grant keys directly to a member.

Reservations tab

  • See the amount of free time available to the member, how much they have used for the month in each of your reservable resources, and the reservations the member has made.

Custom Info tab

Notifications tab

  • See the last 20 emails sent to a member.
  • Use this to verify that an email was sent if a member expected an email but did not receive one.
  • A delivery date only means that we were able to deliver the message to the member's email server. It's up to that server to actually get the email to the member's inbox (or spam folder).
  • Not all email clients report email opens, so the lack of an "opened" status does not necessarily mean anything.

Devices tab

This is only displayed if your space is using Meraki WiFi integration.

  • Device: Member’s device name(s).
  • Last Usage: Last date/time the device was seen on the network.
  • Actions: Remove - you’d use this option if the member no longer has the device.

Documents tab

This is where you can upload documents to a member's account.

Protect tab

If the member has provided insurance, you can upload the insurance document here.

Remove Member

This should only be used in the case of a truly incorrect member profile. If you need to make a change to the profile, do that by clicking Edit Profile at the top of the page. To remove a member, look for the subtle Remove Member link below the notes on the Membership tab of a member's account.

  • Removal will result in all data related to the member being deleted from your site.
  • We highly recommend downgrading the member to a default Community Member so you can continue to communicate with your member through your CRM Integration (Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot) and retain their information if they choose to upgrade their membership again.
  • Reservations made under this member’s account will not be automatically removed.
  • This member will no longer be a part of your site, but they will be a part of the Proximity Network so if they want to join your site in the future, they can Log In with the same credentials rather than register again.